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Nusa Dua means a place of authentic paradise in Balinese terms. Hence, you can expect the same when you move in to Nusa Dua Tanza, especially with the hefty list of facilities and amenities. The Balinese theme in the residential house and lot development is already a notable feature. The consistent theme creates a relaxing ambiance throughout this community. The warm colors and use of natural elements in the design make this possible.

It is also part of Filinvest Land’s commitment to provide sprawling spaces throughout this development. Hence, the developers wanted to be generous when appropriating spaces for the roads in Nusa Dua. Both the entrance gate with guard house and the concrete main roads throughout this development are 20-meters wide. The secondary roads are also concrete lined with macadam. Finally, the entire development site is protected by a concrete perimeter fence.

The entire development comes with provision for electrical and telecommunication facilities. These facilities are provided for by Meralco and PLDT. Hence, you can ensure that the services you need will become available by the time you move in. In addition to the ability to connect with your essential services, you can also expect 24-hour security at Nusa Dua Tanza. It starts with the gated entrance that comes with a guard house. The guard house is manned by security personnel on a 24/7 basis. Hence, you can be protected from any unwanted individuals and ensure that only authorized persons are allowed inside the community.

Aside from the guard house and gated entrance, Nusa Dua Tanza comes with a showcase farm. This will give you the opportunity to grow your herbs, plants and trees. You can also use this as a point of inspiration when you want to build your own garden or mini-farm in your purchased lot.

In addition to these, the Balinese-inspired clubhouse is the focal amenity provided for property owners at Dusa Nua Tanza. Not only does it feature a beautiful architectural style, it is also a great venue for social gatherings and to socialize with other residents in this community. Right next to the Clubhouse is the swimming pool. At Nusa Dua Tanza, the swimming pool offers more than what you would normally expect to find in other house and lot developments. It features a resort-style architectural and aesthetic style. Thus, you can enjoy swimming and relax in the beautiful view of the landscaped areas that surround it, as well as the clubhouse. There is also a kiddie version for the pool. Hence, you and your family can head to the swimming pool for your bonding moment.

The consistency of the Bali theme is not lost even with the development’s play park. The tree house and the landscape design feature Balinese-inspired design concepts too. In addition to the play park, you will also find plenty of open spaces that allow you to enjoy nature. Some of these features and facilities include the meditation hut, fish pond, picnic area, and seminar rooms. There is an endless array of facilities and amenities you can enjoy and you can select from these offered at Nusa Dua Tanza.

  • Amenities Balinese-Inspired Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool (w/ Jacuzzi & Kiddie Pool)
  • Open Air Game Room
  • Nature Park Picnic Grounds
  • Landscaped Fishing Lagoon and Children’s Playground
  • Provision of internet access
  • Village lawn and garden linked to canyon trails
  • 24-hours security
  • Concrete Roads and Concrete Perimeter Fence
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